Monday, May 13, 2013 Mountain Bluebird!

Seward Alaska Sporadic Bird Report

Thanks to a call from Robin C, and help from Jim H, I was able to photograph the female MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD Robin spotted this afternoon at the beach near the old railroad car at Lowell Point.

The mostly gray bird, with a flash of blue on her wings, perched on top of lookouts including driftwood, posts, and short spruce tips, looking for insects (flies?) on the ground. After a thorough search, she quickly flew down and disappeared behind the dead beach rye grass for a moment while she ate. She soon reappeared to return to the same perch or another one close by, working her way along the beach.

I last photographed a Mountain Bluebird in Seward on December 25, 2004 through January 6, 2005. It's great to host one again!

If you come, please be alert for heavy dump truck traffic on Lowell Point Road and at the Point. CAUTION: there are several places along Lowell Point Road where rather alarmingly large rocks are scattered on the roadway; be alert to more rocks falling from the unstable steep slopes.

When you reach the Point, turn left at the Silver Salmon Derby Campground sign (just before the sewage lagoon) and drive slowly until you see the historic gold and blue railroad car. Park well off the road. Beach Drive is under construction just around the corner, parallel to the beach, and is closed except for all those dump trucks and heavy machinery. Good luck and safe travels!

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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