May 9, 2013 Sandhill Crane visits Seward

Seward Alaska Sporadic Bird Report
On May 8th, I received a call about a strange big bird in the street by the Seward High School. The next evening, I found a beautiful SANDHILL CRANE napping peacefully on the grass between an apartment building and the street in a busy neighborhood on Phoenix Road. It looked like a fabulous lawn ornament.
The long-necked, long-legged gray bird with the red forehead and golden eyes did not seem the least concerned about the surrounding asphalt, cars, or buildings. Over the next few days, many people reported it to the Alaska Sealife Center. No worries, they were told, as long as it looks healthy, it's OK; just leave it alone, control the dogs, and enjoy watching it.
Eventually the majestic and mysterious crane disappeared. I hope it rejoined the other cranes on their migration north from central California along the Pacific flyway to the Cook Inlet area to nest.
Enjoy the photos even though I am quite a bit late posting.
Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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