Sunday, November 27, 2011 No Redwing

Seward, Alaska

In brief, the REDWING was not seen today. The last verified sighting was around 1 pm yesterday at Lowell Point Beach.

Poor visibility and low light due to heavy cloud cover, frequent snow showers, and temperatures warming from 18º to 34º did not help birders today. John Vanderpoel finally arrived from his far-flung 2011 Big Year adventures and a flock of Alaskan birders worked hard to help him find The Bird.

A juvenile NORTHERN SHRIKE caused a bit of a stir momentarily, but all judged it was too large to be a Brown Shrike. AMERICAN ROBINS patrolling the seaweed also caused numerous double and triple checking. A single RUSTY BLACKBIRD walked purposefully along the wrack in the narrow band between the wet snow and the waves, often coming with a few feet of appreciative birders.

Despite our best efforts, the Redwing proved elusive. Tomorrow is another day. John plans to return for one last try.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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