Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Anna's Hummers

Seward, Alaska

Sunrise 9:52 am, sunset 4:21 pm for a total day light of 6 hours and 30 minutes. Tomorrow will be 3 minutes and 31 seconds longer.

Seward’s sunny streak continues, with temperatures today in the mid 20s and a brisk NNW wind. It’s been marvelous to see the sun, and amazing to witness heat waves rising from the wintry landscape. Lowell Creek waterfall, still flowing, creates intricate ice sculptures. After sunset, far to the south, the pink, lavender, and purple alpenglow to the north is just stunning. Add to that the nearly full moon, rising over Alice. Wow!

There’s still quite a bit of dingy-looking grass in town under the spruce trees. This attracts the dozens of ROBINS and various sparrows to pick and scratch. Otherwise, the open ground is layered with crusty snow and slick, icy patches.

The PINE GROSBEAKS and Robins have just about eaten all the Mt Ash berries. Every tree has a ring of red beneath it, the seeds and skins dropped by the discriminating Grosbeaks. I have noticed Robins occasionally eating leftovers from this fruity carpet.

The forecast calls for snow on Friday which will cover exposed ground and fruit carpets, making feeders even more important. A major cold front is also forecast for next week, making winter even more challenging for our feathered neighbors.

This afternoon, I checked the ANNA’S hummingbird feeder on the Cliff. The last time the ’hood hummer was seen, and seen here, was on Christmas Day so I wasn’t very hopeful. Suddenly, I heard a familiar ticking. What? Was it possible??? I ticked back, and there he was, the little tough guy, buzzing about, then sitting on top of a spruce top like the best, most magnificent Christmas tree star.

With renewed excitement, I changed out the old solution for new and plugged in the heat tape again, wrapped around the glass. I’ll be checking to make sure the ports don’t freeze up. Then I went home and made new solution for my feeders, just in case he blows south again. What an inspiration!

I’ve been stalking Ava’s Place, hoping to see her ANNA’S. This evening, Ava reported that she has not seen him in four days and fears he will not come back. Everyone is very sad. I told her to not give up hope. I will keep looking for that phenomenal flash full of moxie with all my fingers crossed.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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