Tuesday, November 1, 2016 Anna's hummer, Snow Buntings

Seward, Alaska

Sunrise 9:22 am, sunset 5:59 pm for a total day length of 8 hours and 36 minutes. Tomorrow will be 5 minutes and 10 seconds shorter.

Steady rain all night, all day, just over an inch in 24 hours on top of another inch the day before. Low of 37º and a high of 43º. The birds were quite uplifting on this dark and dreary day.

With the relatively warm temperatures, the ANNA’S hummer has been cruising around. I did not see him at all at my house on Sunday, and started to worry. I was relieved to get a sighting report and then watch a very familiar-looking male Anna’s at my neighbor’s feeder on Monday.

This morning, he was back to my feeders and stayed all day. I replaced the burned out 40watt bulb with a 60watt bulb and he didn’t seem to mind. Maybe he even liked a little warmth. At one point, he turned midair and his gorgeous magenta gorget flashed. It was like the sun! In between feedings, I heard his cheery, creaky little song from a hidden perch in the spruce tree. This little guy, weighing less than a nickel, sure makes me smile!

The rain brought new snow to the surrounding mountains, but the ground around town is red with fallen Mt Ash berries. I counted at least 16 ROBINS and at least 2 VARIED THRUSHES feasting in the trees just down the street. Flying back and forth, it was hard to get a maximum number. A few Robins even burst into song, pretty sweet for November.

At the head of the bay, I looked for the Trumpeter Swan family, but did not find them. I hope this means that the injured cygnet can now fly, recovered from his collision with the power lines on October 21. This is excellent news.

I also watched 5 SNOW BUNTINGS tumble down the beach and then rise up and away. They are so white against the otherwise brown landscape, their camouflage unsuited to the unseasonal warmth.

Here’s a link to an article by Craig Medred who interviewed Ronn about his recent bear mauling:https://craigmedred.news/2016/10/31/the-bear-fighter/ 

I talked to Ronn this afternoon. He is healing well, already back to teaching, and feeling very lucky. The dog is fine. Thanks to all for your well-wishes!

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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