Monday, September 5, 2016 mystery hummer not found today

Seward, Alaska

Ava, the Burke family, and I did not find the mystery hummer today, although the male ANNA'S was present, and a surprise TOWNSEND'S WARBLER.

Aaron Bowman looked very closely at my photos and those shared by Ava and suggested that it looks more like a female young of the year Anna's. Its tail seems long or the wings too short for a Costa's, and the front is flecked with green like an Anna's. (Good eye, Aaron!) 

Anna's are thought to nest here, but this is undocumented. That, however, could explain how such a youngster is here in Seward.

He also thought that the very active male looks like a subadult from last year, and those emerging feathers are new adult feathers. That makes sense to me.

I appreciate any other ideas, and will keep trying to refind it to get photos showing the tail and wing projection.

Thank you, Aaron B!

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold

Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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