Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Lincoln’s Sparrow

Seward, Alaska

I heard a rich, liquid bubbling song today at the former horse corral across from Benny Benson Park on Dairy Hill Lane, and came up blank. Who WAS that? The songster proved hard to spot, even as the little skulker flew from one low bush to the next. At least I caught a glimpse of something brownish! Finally, he flew to the middle of a taller budding willow and I recognized the LINCOLN’S SPARROW. Of course! Welcome home!

At Lowell Point Beach State Recreation Site, a bright male RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD zinged past. Yea! My first hummer sighting!

Busily feeding in the shallow water near the beach were 7 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS including one male, and 8 noisy BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKES. I wonder what small fish they were targeting there, gunnels?

Along Lowell Point Road, I found about 20 more Red-breasted Mergansers feeding near the intertidal rocks; numbers are increasing. Farther out, at least 70 SURF SCOTERS swam in long lines. About 30 BARROW’S GOLDENEYES preened and paddled in between. HARLEQUINS dotted the shoreline. I don’t expect many of these sea ducks to stay much longer.

Report of the first COMMON LOON calling at Bear Lake, and dippers nesting.

The alder male catkins are bursting out, dangling like fancy tassels, waiting for the wind to disperse their pollen. Cottonwoods are almost done, their reddish flowers, both male and female, decorate the ground. Insect pollinated willow flowers, both male and female are in bloom, ready for warblers to feast. I’m ready for warblers too, arriving any day.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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