Sunday, November 15, 2015 Save the Swans!

Save the Swans!
Seward, Alaska

Seward has been extraordinarily fortunate to have a phenomenal pair of resident Trumpeter Swans. Last summer, the pair successfully raised four beautiful cygnets. The family delighted visitors and locals who watched them grow throughout the summer into winter.

Then tragedy struck on January 4th when the swan family flew from the Lagoon towards the boat harbor. Two of the four cygnets died within 2 days, hitting the unmarked power lines on the east side of the Lagoon. The power lines, strung like deadly piano wire, are virtually invisible in low light.

This summer, the adults nested at the same location, and this time, raised six beautiful cygnets. Again, the majestic swans provided pleasure and inspiration to all who saw them. Then tragically, on October 2, two of the cygnets hit the power lines and died.

Due to public outcry, the Seward Electric Department installed 20 bird diverters along the Lagoon power lines on October 5th. However, large gaps remain on either side of the diverters, and the south power lines are not protected at all.

The Seward Electric department head, John Foutz, estimated that 115 more diverters are needed to protect the rest of the power lines along the Lagoon with the recommended 15’ maximum spacing. The cost for the diverters, bucket truck, and linemen crew is an astounding $16,766.

A special account has been set up at City Hall to accept donations to help defray costs. If you would like to help, the city can accept cash, credit, and checks. Refer to the Swan Diverters Fund #01000-0000-2321-0050.

With cash: stop by the Utility office at City Hall at 410 Adams St.
With credit card: call the City Utility staff at 907-224-3331 Extension #1
Open Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.
By mail: send a check to City of Seward
                                    Finance Department 
                                    Attention Swan Diverters Fund
                                    PO Box 167
                                    Seward, AK 99664

Thank you so much for your help! A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold

Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter  

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