Friday, October 2, 2015 Two Trumpeter Swan Cygnets die

Seward, Alaska

Today, shortly before 3 pm, two of the six resident Trumpeter Swan cygnets hit the power lines on the south end of the Lagoon and died.

These deaths are totally unnecessary and illegal.

After two cygnets from last year’s family of four hit the power lines on the north side of the Lagoon in January, the City Electric Department installed 7 deflectors, a totally inadequate number and a poor design.

The same excellent Trumpeter Swan parents nested again this year and raised a remarkable six babies. Their magnificent presence delighted and thrilled locals and visitors. It is rare and remarkable for wild Trumpeter Swans to grace a town with their presence, right in the heart of Seward.

The City Electric Department had all summer to install more deflectors along the Lagoon power lines, especially at the north and south ends where the swans like to feed. But they did not. Instead there are 20 deflectors stored in their warehouse and two more dead swans.

As stated in the January 6, 2015 post, please contact the City Manager and the Seward Electric Department and ask them to make the installation of better deflectors, especially along the north and south end of the Lagoon, top, middle, and bottom, a top priority. The entire length of the power lines along the Lagoon should be marked.

Also, it will take more than 20 deflectors to protect these swans. I have been trying to get an answer from the city whether donations of cash for deflectors would be helpful. I know many people would be willing to donate a small amount to help prevent this tragedy from repeating.

City Manager Jim Hunt, 224-4047,

Electric Department Utility Manager
John Foutz   2240471,

Electric Department Operations Supervisor
Jeff Estes  224-0472,

Other contacts to call: 
USFWS Obe Lowry at 907-271-2825
Alaska Wildlife Trooper at 907-224-3935
and email:

Submitted to Seward City News by Carol Griswold

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