Tuesday June 2, 2015 Tree and Violet-green Swallow Challenge

Seward, Alaska

For a real photographic challenge, try focusing on swallows as they dart and veer erratically after insects. Today, I was lucky to get images of TREE SWALLOWS and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS as they swooped low over the water, snatching invisible fast food from the surface and in the air. One photo shows a spider free-falling; maybe the Swallow didn’t.

One smaller bird puzzled me. It had a diffuse breast band, the small white area by the sides of the rump, stubby tail, and a greenish head. At first I thought it was a Bank Swallow, but after closer inspection, I believe it is a juvenile TREE SWALLOW.

This is really amazing as it seems the swallows only recently arrived. How could a baby already be fledged and feeding with such skill?

If anyone has any thoughts about this, I’d appreciate it.

The mysteries in life are great.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold

Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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