Monday, March 16 2015 Big, wet storm with thunder!

Seward, Alaska

Sunrise 8:11 am, sunset 8:02 pm for a total day length of 11 hours and 51 minutes as we approach Spring Equinox. Tomorrow will be 5 minutes and 30 seconds longer.

The cold snap snapped, the wind took a tiny nap then switched to the south, and the temperature rose from single digits to the mid to high 30s. Morning snow morphed to sn’rain, then sleet, steady rain, and then a medley of assorted squalls punctuated by a peal of thunder this afternoon. The blustery wind hit speeds of 52 mph gusts. Exciting to watch but not an easy time to be at sea!

The birds are busy making a living, ie surviving as best they can. I spotted two glowing orange VARIED THRUSHES speckled with raindrops, sorting through the wet leaves and duff under the spruce trees with JUNCOS in my yard today. These thrushes have likely been here for the winter; even at a frigid 9ยบ they sang.

Out on the bay, the sea ducks bobbed and dove under the white-capped, frothing waves. Many flocks took to the air, flying from the boat harbor to the bay and back, spooked by hungry BALD EAGLES careening overhead. I looked for pelagic species blown from the Gulf without luck, but with this big a storm, it’s likely something interesting will show up.

The Lagoon is still mostly frozen, but in the widening opening, I spotted two female SCAUP with the usual COMMON GOLDENEYES and COMMON MERGANSERS. Visibility was very poor, but Robin C reported two GREATER SCAUP in the bay yesterday.

Last night, in the lull, the SAW-WHET OWL called from the Mt Marathon slope. I haven’t checked the Lost Lake Trailhead owls recently, but maybe they took the opportunity to be heard as well.

Check out the fascinating live-time wind current website at Zoom in, zoom out, go all around the globe.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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