Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Clever Raven!

Seward, Alaska

Sunrise 9:57 am, sunset 3:49 pm for a total day length of 5 hours and 51 minutes. Tomorrow will be 51 seconds shorter.

Rain continues with variations on heavy to light but with temps stuck in the low 30s, the roads have been icy.  Snow is a maybe for the next several days, clouds seem certain, and rain is quite likely.

About an hour before sunset, the birds were very busy gobbling up cold Mt Ash berries to tide them over the long, chilly night. BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS, PINE GROSBEAKS, PINE SISKINS, and ROBINS mobbed the trees by AVTEC. Their chirring, whistling, zzzzzing, and scolding filled the air. Suddenly, it became quiet as most of the songbirds flashed away. A raptor? No, a couple of RAVENS. The ravens took over the trees, smacking down the berries.

One raven was especially clever. She perched on a sturdy branch and gently pulled on the middle of a thin, wiggly branch laden with a cluster of berries at the end. Carefully, she brought it closer and wedged the branch against another. Then she was able to easily pluck off the berries. Whenever the branch got loose and snapped back, the patient raven once again pulled it back and wedged it. How did this bird figure out this technique? It was just amazing to watch.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold

Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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