Thursday, November 27, 2014 Homer Peregrine Falcon!

Homer, Alaska

Beautiful sunny day in Homer today. A PEREGRINE FALCON flew along the Deep Water Dock road on the east side of the end of the Spit this afternoon, seeking its Thanksgiving dinner. It disappeared quickly. We checked for surf birds on the harbor rocks but instead found two SONG SPARROWS picking though the kelp. Then we looped back. Of all inconvenient times, my cell phone rang. As I fumbled to answer the wrong number call, the PEREGRINE popped into view and flew right past the car! It powered off across the Spit to the west side and was gone. What an exciting bird!

Other birds of note: small flocks of ROCK SANDPIPERS fed hungrily in the rocky intertidal areas on the west side of the Spit. An undulating flock of BUNTINGS, probably SNOW BUNTINGS, flew past Mud Bay. GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCHES scavenged in the sand near the beach rye grass at Mariner' s Park and sat on the fence at the tip of the spit by the tank farm. Huge rafts of BLACK SCOTERS bobbed in the bay on the west side of the Spit. 

PELAGIC CORMORANTS piled on top of an exposed rock at low tide, and festooned a huge buoy by the Deep Water Dock at higher tide. I only spotted a pair of BARROW'S GOLDENEYES and a pair of COMMON MERGANSERS in the fishing hole. Also noted, small numbers of GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS and a few MEW GULLS. A small flock of PINE SISKINS worked the spruce cone crop along Ocean Drive. Add a few BALD EAGLES, numerous NW CROWS, a MAGPIE or two, some RAVENS, and PIGEONS. It was yet another great day to bird the Spit.

I hope others get a glimpse of that magnificent Peregrine too.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter on the road 

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