Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Silver Salmon Show

Seward, Alaska

Sunrise 9:13 am, sunset 6:08 pm, for a total day length of 8 hours and 54 minutes. Tomorrow will be 5 minutes and 16 seconds shorter. The week of clear, cold weather seems to be changing to warmer with precip of some sort.

The recent appearance of thin ice on local ponds, wetlands, and the Lagoon has locked waterfowl out of their usual pantries, concentrating them in the moving waters at the inlets and outlets, or pushed them to the ocean.

Silver salmon, which returned in near record numbers this fall, continue to school up in the Lagoon and migrate up freshwater streams. Their colorful corpses and scattered eggs provide welcome nutrition to a host of birds including BALD EAGLES, RAVENS, NORTHWESTERN CROWS, MAGPIES, KINGFISHER, DIPPERS, STELLER’S JAYS, MALLARDS, COMMON GOLDENEYES, BARROW’S GOLDENEYES, and perhaps HARLEQUIN DUCKS and GREAT BLUE HERONS.

The Lagoon beach by Benny Benson Park off Dairy Hill Lane, and the beach in front of Scheffler Creek, south of the harbor uplands are good places to spot salmon and their feathered predators.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold

Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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