Monday, March 4, 2013 Two Short-eared Owls!

Seward, Alaska Sporadic Bird Report

Thanks to the post from Robin C, I was able to refind the SHORT-EARED OWL today. What a pleasure to watch an owl in the daytime! It wandered back and forth over the tide-flattened sedge meadow still ringed by snow, its intent yellow eyes like searchlights. Several times it suddenly plunged headfirst to the ground and remained hidden for several minutes. I hope that meant it caught a fat vole for lunch!

As I watched, another SHORT-EARED OWL materialized and both owls hunted over the same area. Two owls!! The second owl may have been a female; it seemed darker and perhaps larger than the more pale male. I wonder how far they have migrated this winter and how long they will linger. What adventures they could tell!

On the way home, I noticed the Sitka willow by the Lagoon is starting to bud out. One of the many faces of Winter looks a lot like Spring!

In other news, the SIBERIAN ACCENTOR is still here, feasting on the lovely gourmet birdseed provided by generous visiting birders.

Yesterday, I spotted 7 DUNLIN and about 30 ROCK SANDPIPERS feeding among MEW GULLS at the tidelands.

10 TRUMPETER SWANS were reported in the open water at Lower Trail Lake in Moose Pass on Saturday, and 2 at the Cooper Landing Bridge yesterday.

Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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