Tuesday, September 4, 2012 On the eve of a big storm

Sunrise 7:01 am, sunset 8:50 pm, for 13 hours and 49 minutes of daylight. Tomorrow will be 5 minutes and 24 seconds shorter. Temps in the low 50s. Unleaded gas shot up 11¢ this weekend to $4.38.

Weather: Ominous charcoal gray skies eased in this morning, bringing scattered showers and increasing winds. White caps roiled the bay ahead of a huge storm blowing in from the Aleutians. Strong winds and a flood watch are posted for the Seward area tonight as the trees toss and shake in the gusts and rain pelts the windows. It's an exciting time!

One little gift of the storm blew in this morning. In the upper sedge/grass meadow at the head of the bay, I spotted a single black and white shorebird sailing low, hardly flapping. Its behavior reminded me more of a tiny harrier than a shorebird. Finally, it landed in the grasses a short distance away. I carefully walked over and refound it. It seemed unafraid and flew just a short distance to a nearby puddle where it walked about, pecking at invisible food items. The juvenile RED-NECKED PHALAROPE preened quickly, then resumed walking about the puddle, often crouching low as if stalking its prey. These are very common in the bay right now, but I wonder how many are inland like this one?

A BALD EAGLE juvenile launched from a stump, scattering young GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS intent on feeding on salmon carcasses. Perhaps this eagle recently dined on breast of gull; the feathers and wings were strewn up and down the driftwood dining table. The cycle of life spins along.

On the eve of the storm,
Happy Birding!
Carol Griswold
Seward Sporadic Bird Report Reporter

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