June 3, 2012 Yakutat Aleutian Tern Festival Part 4

Sunday morning : Cannon Beach
Gorgeous sunny morning!

Today's 7 am songbird field trip again headed to the productive Tawah Creek at Cannon Beach Bridge. A CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE from the nearby forest popped over to the willows. A WILSON'S SNIPE winnowed overhead. The usual assortment of warblers sang from the willows and alders, perfect habitat.

Enticed by the thundering of distant surf, we walked through the coastal hemlock/spruce rainforest. GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS flitted through the dense branches, their high, thin song in complete contrast to their loud cousin, the RUBY-CROWNED that was also singing. ROBIN, VARIED THRUSH, and HERMIT THRUSH songs filled the air. COMMON RAVENS croaked overhead. A little park featured a rusted American tank from WWII and provided edge habitat for warblers.

Then, there was the Gulf of Alaska ahead with white lines of rolling surf crashing into the beautiful sandy beach that stretched for miles and miles in each direction. Scoping beyond the surf turned up long lines of SURF, BLACK, and WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS flying just above the ocean. PACIFIC and RED-THROATED LOONS singly or in small groups dove. A few ALEUTIAN TERNS, BANK and TREE SWALLOWS flew over the beach.

BALD EAGLES perched on scattered driftwood perches. SONG SPARROWS, FOX SPARROWS, and OREGON JUNCOS hopped around in the lupines and sang from battered logs. A HERMIT THRUSH posed from bleached stack of driftwood. Scanning the sandy beach, we were surprised to see a single WHIMBREL strolling along, picking through the sand for snacks. All too soon, it was time to head back for the next event.

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